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Montjuic, Barcelona Fountain Show.


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Thriller Rendition

A tribute to the King of Pop.  RIP, Michael Jackson.

Performed by the 2009 White Birch Lodge staff during the ski show.  Wibblez 4 lyfe!

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Paris Narrative

Taken during my Eurotrip Summer, 2010.

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How to be really cool in class, step 1

Learn how to be really cool by….

Being able to spin a pen in your hand!  Now you can be just as cool as all those cool kids that always fascinate you during boring business lectures by flipping and spinning their pens with just a few fingers, yet never dropping the pens!  Who hasn’t always wanted to be able to show off to all their friends by learning this trick?

So take a look at this short video shot by a guaranteed authentic pen spinning expert; after all, he’s asian!

Then, for those of you to master this trick, move on to this video

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Think You Knew Yourself? Guess Again

Throw everything you thought you knew about yourself out the window and let Hunch worry about what your favorite fast food is, what kind of dog you should get, what to drive, how many kids to have, and all of life’s decisions! Perfect for not only people who don’t want to think or have trouble making decisions, but also anyone who would like to lose their ability to make up their own mind and become a spineless jellyfish! Never strain another brain cell because will run your life for you!

Just sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account and start with the 20 questions provided, which range from where do you live, to would you rather spoon or be spooned, to whether John Travolta is a good actor, to simply declaring “odd” or “even.”

Hunch will gather information from seemingly useless inputs and run that information through their presumably high-tech analyzation machine (which actually just might be some guy who managed to convince enough people to fund a website by conning them into believing in decision making “patterns” that they never saw before but can actually predict their preferences, but are really just that same guy drawing random lines from people to trends in a janitor closet somewhere). Hunch will then strain what comes out the other end through its patented predictor algorithms and display the resulting product that you have a determined predisposition to! Now, who could ever argue with such a state-of-the-art system?

Welcome to the new era of customized, recommendation engines.

…It’s actually pretty intriguing.

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Lewis Hines

Quite an interesting line of work by quite an interesting man, Lewis Hines (Rest In Peace 1874-1940). Wikipedia informs me that he was an American sociologist and photographer who used his camera as the tool to reform society and bring a change to child labor laws in the good ol U S of A.

Here are some pictures from this Great Person in History who captured people who now live on forever.  Sad, delicate, and soulful.  A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

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Dorothea Lange

Another Great Person in History, Wikipedia informs me that Dorothea (Rest In Peace 1895-1965) was a photojournalist who was best known for her post-depression work with the Farm Security Administration and was a heavy influencer in the line of documentary photographing.

Here are some of her works, including the famous “Migrant Mother.” Take a moment to move beyond your every day life and consider the past, the present, and future; think about what you have and what you should be grateful. Myself included, most of us take life for granted. We all need moments like these to take a second and think about how life can be the biggest inequality of all.

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Service Engine NOW

If someone tells you to do something “soon,” how likely are you actually going to get to it sooner rather than later?  Not very.  Soon gives you free range to interpret its meaning in your own way, because everyone knows that soon means different things to different people.  I may say that I’ll be going to the store soon, meaning within the next few days, while you may be thinking within the next half hour.  It’s all relative.  That’s why I think that the “service engine soon” light needs an overhaul. That’s why I propose that there should be three service engine lights, sort of like a stop light.

A picture of an engine that lights up green: Everything is hunkey dorey and you can continue driving your car no worries.

A picture of an engine that lights up yellow: All is not as it should be, and you need to address the car’s maintenance “soon.” Refill the wiper fluid, change a burned out light bulb, change an oxygen sensor that really does nothing, or get an oil change since it’s been 3,000 or 5,000 miles.  Things that won’t make your car fall apart on the highway at that instant but should be taken care of “soon.”

Then, there would be a picture of an engine that lights up red. This is panic mode: your radiator has sprung a leak, cylinder 3 is not firing, a squirrel has chewed through an important wire, your car is running so lean that you’re about to throw a rod, your transmission is five seconds from falling out of the bottom of the car; basically, your car is F’d and you better do something immediately.

The current system lacks urgency and is characterized by excessive ambiguity. Service engine soon?  Sure thing, I’ll get around to that next month.

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T Pain & Akon, a Conversation

Gotta love youtube parodies.

Shout out to Brandon Laventure for this one.

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More Social Media Stuff

While I’m at it, here’s a page with social media “infographics.”

My favorite is the Life Cycle of a Blog Post (obviously) and the Online Communities map.

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