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So, I found this blog at work while searching for a definition of white hat SEO.  I was all set to roast it on claiming to be “professional” but spelling the word “Hat” as “Hate”, but then I realized that the author was Indian.

Original post:

“I honestly can’t understand how you can title this blog “Professional SEO Tips” when you have misspelled every single instance of the word “hat” as “hate”.  You even have a picture of a hat in the blog post.

Why don’t you grammar check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Oops, too late!”

Then I had a combination of realizing how the English language is ludicrously difficult, visions of how my dad and step dad still mess things up over more than 4 decades of combined English practice, and remembering a commercial I once saw for a new TV series, Outsourced, and found a bit of compassion.

Oh, and don’t believe me that the English language is difficult?

Take a look at this , you heathen.


So I left the author a comment pointing out that he meant to spell “Hat” as “H-A-T,” and my comment was deleted.  He didn’t even fix the spelling.  Maybe I should have posted that comment, ungrateful SOB…


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