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Welcome to the life of Sonny Ahuja.  Sonny is everything you’ve been waiting for all rolled into one super intelligent package. Who is Sonny?  He’s a business consultant, an SEO expert, a web designer, as well as a professional speaker whose site I found while conducting research on perfume for a project I’m working on.  And now he’s yours. Just look at that winning self portrait!

Let me educate you with a little bit of  Sonny’s incredible knowledge base:

Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, and Gerard Butler are all planning to release new fragrances.  Sign me up. Who wouldn’t want to conjure up an image of beefy, muscle-bound, twelve pack warrier in a girl’s mind every time she smelled my musky bod? Hit me with that Sparta, playa.

Apparently, laptop back packs are gaining in popularity and not only relieve the burden on your shoulders, but also make people smile. I never thought about it, but Sonny is definitely right. Every time I see a rolly backpack, I smile; it’s too perfect a target to run up and deliver a nice kick. I’ve had booting rolly backpacks on my list of things to do when I’m old and no longer care about anything for some time now.

Also, apparently a perfume company has found the technology to create a fragrance from human DNA. I’m going to have nightmares of a world where people can and do smell identical to the Snookie Monster or “The Situation” now.

Thanks, Sonny, for sharing your wisdom with the world.  Keep us posted.


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