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Think You Knew Yourself? Guess Again

Throw everything you thought you knew about yourself out the window and let Hunch worry about what your favorite fast food is, what kind of dog you should get, what to drive, how many kids to have, and all of life’s decisions! Perfect for not only people who don’t want to think or have trouble making decisions, but also anyone who would like to lose their ability to make up their own mind and become a spineless jellyfish! Never strain another brain cell because will run your life for you!

Just sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account and start with the 20 questions provided, which range from where do you live, to would you rather spoon or be spooned, to whether John Travolta is a good actor, to simply declaring “odd” or “even.”

Hunch will gather information from seemingly useless inputs and run that information through their presumably high-tech analyzation machine (which actually just might be some guy who managed to convince enough people to fund a website by conning them into believing in decision making “patterns” that they never saw before but can actually predict their preferences, but are really just that same guy drawing random lines from people to trends in a janitor closet somewhere). Hunch will then strain what comes out the other end through its patented predictor algorithms and display the resulting product that you have a determined predisposition to! Now, who could ever argue with such a state-of-the-art system?

Welcome to the new era of customized, recommendation engines.

…It’s actually pretty intriguing.


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