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Facebook now covered under US “Freedom of Speech”

This just in: Facebook material has just been voted in, by a “federal agency,” to the realm of protected articles under freedom of speech.  This includes negatively phrased posts, statuses, etc, and criticisms.

This Mashable article details an incident involving an employee who used her own computer and time to put a disgruntled post on Facebook regarding her employer, whereupon several other coworkers joined and voiced their opinions.  The employee was terminated by her employer, however the National Labor Relations Board declared that firing the employee was a violation of labor relation laws that allow employees to talk about things such as wages and workplace conditions.

This obviously doesn’t include every instance or posting, but is, in my opinion, a step towards making online communities more American, freedom-friendly venues.  When you need to get something off your chest, shouldn’t you be able to do it via your virtual voice channels if you so see fit?  I see the answer as a clear yes.  They are, after all, an online extension of the social interactions that take place in person every day.

On the flip side, the internet is written in pen, not ink (great quote from the Social Network- go see it!!) and though something may not be illegal, an online action still usually carries some form of consequence.


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