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Intelligence verses Knowledge

Ever wonder what the difference really is between knowledge and intelligence?  While we go to college supposedly to gain both, I believe that one is more of a guarantee than the other.  I believe that one causes the other.

I believe that knowledge is simply a state of having or not having, while intelligence is something more abstract.  Intelligence is an ability, something that is multidimensional and able to grow, almost like a seed grows into a tree.  Knowledge of a subject does not necessarily translate into intelligence; knowledge will simply allow you to state things that are, while intelligence will allow you to go beyond the here and now and make actual inferences, create new knowledge from your own abilities.  Intelligence enables knowledge.

Learning is a process of transferring knowledge, however that transfer will only occur to the degree of intelligence that you possess.  To a certain extent, if you are less intelligent, then you will absorb less, because there is less capacity to facilitate the knowledge transfer.  If you can’t play around with something that you learn in your head, then you won’t have a chance to actually learn it.  It’s the same process as practicing.  Someone can tell you how to drive a stick shift, explain the process, and point out what a clutch and shifter is, which is a transfer of knowledge.  However, if you don’t actually mess around and try it, which is your intellect kicking in and is the process of you using your abilities to take that knowledge and make it your own, then you won’t be able to drive a stick shift.

Follow me?

The ACT is a measure of not only how much knowledge you possess, but more importantly, a measure of how well your intellect can apply and manipulate that knowledge.  The more critically and abstractly you can think, the more knowledge you will have picked up in your life, and the more knowledge you will pick up.

This debate happened as I was showering today, when I thought to myself that I can’t identify, off the top of my head, one particular area that I am extremely knowledgable in.  I can’t ramble off random facts about ionic bonds, T testing and Z testing equations, or the GDPs of the top 10 richest countries by memory.  However, I do consider myself to be a decent learner, and a better abstract thinker, someone who is able to look beyond the here and now and consider what could be.  Yet that requires a level of knowledge, which starts a sort of strange cycle in my mind, where I could go on for days and days wondering and contemplating and reaching further levels of deep thought…

I also believe that it takes less intellect and more knowledge to create a new product, whereas the opposite is true for creating a new service.  Care to debate that fact?


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When Will the World Stand Still?

Somewhere along the way,life began moving faster than the speed of light.  Built gradually through the ages, the unstoppable machine named progress, a modern day manifest destiny into the brave, unknown future of science has picked up speed in the Information Age.

In today’s day and age, everything moves rapidly and no excuse, much less “the dog ate my Request for Proposal,” stands a chance.  Why didn’t you back it up on a flash drive?  Why didn’t you print out multiple copies?  Why didn’t you finish and hand it in before you went home with it?  The word, “excuse,” will soon be excised from the dictionary.

Food has become “fast food,” lunch hours have transformed into a run to the closest Jimmy Johns. Packages are shipped and received the same day, or even within hours.  Snail mail remains only as a formality.  Moore’s law asserts that technology, essentially, becomes twice as fast every two years. Amazon reports more E-book sales than ink and paper book sales.

Life is moving faster and faster on less and less.  Sleep is no longer a requirement.  In the same way coffee, the speed drug of the last generation has given way to energy drinks riddled with taurine, caffeine, so will energy drinks be superseded by the next wave of the newest wonder fix of the modern world. These latest and greatest energy booster enable us to ramp up productivity while simultaneously destroying capability.

Aches and pains are no longer a reason to worry, but simply one more than a reason to visit the pharmacy.  Pills, the band aids of today allow us to mask what ails us and continue living life unchanged. Sleeplessness is cured by a small blue pill, inability is cured by a small blue pill, depression is cured by a multicolored pill, what was once an excuse to put a book down and play soccer is now cured by an orange pill containing Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine. There is no longer any reason to slow down, take it easy, or fall victim to inconveniences.

But, eventually, all “good” things must come to an end. Snowballs rolling down hills eventually either collide with trees or come to a rest. Rome eventually fell.  Airplanes must eventually land…  For now.

But is this what we really want?  To continue at the speed of light until there is no possible way to become any stronger, better, or faster?

Usain Bolt set new records of 9.58 seconds and 19.19 seconds for the 100 and 200 meter dashes, respectively. There must be some point of perfection where it is physically impossible to go faster.  But, to be honest, when that point comes, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Olympic Games began a Bio-Olympics league and allowed artificial blood, artificially augmented limbs, and literal lungs of steel.

What do you think?

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