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Broad 2009 Graduate Statistics

Interested in seeing what semi recent, 2009 graduates from MSU’s Broad College of Business are up to?

Check this link out and download the PDF document.

Having just taken a quick look through the document, I want to point out a couple of facts:

60% of graduates are employed, and only 12% are unemployed.  25% are continuing education, 1% are starting their own business, and 2% are unsure of plans?  I’d sure like to know what that means.

Surprisingly, finance had the most graduates with 1,352, followed by accounting with 1,086, followed by a close 3rd marketing with 929.

The highest starting salary ($51,303) belongs to Supply chain management as well as the highest signing bonus ($4,153).  Marketing received the lowest ($44,539) starting salary and the third lowest signing bonus ($3,853).

Should I have been a supply chain management major?

To answer that question, I think back to supply chain management 303…  Bixby Cooper…  I knew from that moment that it just wasn’t meant to be.

I’m sorry Professor Cooper, but the biggest teaching you taught me was that supply chain management puts me to sleep.


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