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Behold, the power of Google

Quote from Jim Sterne, renowned internet marketer and writer:

“Jim Sterne: God knows what’s going to happen. In my wildest imagination there will be something I’d like to call Google Personal. It will be a lock-down personal, private Google that knows everything about me. So when I say I need a flight to New York it knows all my preferences, all my frequent- flier numbers, which car rental company I prefer. It can act as my personal digital assistant. It knows I communicate more with John and Susan and knows that I trust their opinion. So it goes out and finds out how they reviewed a hotel, and it tells me, “Here’s the best hotel for you based on everyone you know who has reviewed it.” It’s the power of watching what I do and how I’m social in order to get me more-powerful information based on reviews and input from the cloud.”

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me.


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