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Message to Idiot Motorcycle Riders

Dear anonymous motorcyclist who refuses to wear protective gear like a motorcycle jacket, gloves, boots, or helmet:

Congratulations on being one of the most ignorant, unintelligent, thickheaded, imbecilic people on the planet, however ignorance is not bliss in this situation.  It is generally acknowledged that riding a motorcycle is dangerous enough as is; what in the world makes you so morbidly obsessed to make it more so by riding sans equipment, or even a long sleeve shirt? Motorcycle jackets are more than just a fashion statement. Gloves do more than just make your hands sweat on warm summer days. I can guarantee you that wearing a full-face helmet will prove more comfortable than rubbing face with glass and pavement would when a car unexpectedly brakes and you can’t stop in time.

Reckless crotch rocket riders:

Yes, everyone knows that you are too cool for school as they watch you fly by on I-75 on your cherry red Hayabusa and pop a wheelie at 90 MPH.  But what you may not realize that everyone also knows is that you are also a moron. Your overinflated ego will not cushion your fall. A plain white T will not protect you from anything. Doing stupid stunts on your bike while having your buddy video tape you will accelerate your youtube view count as well as your visit with the Big Guy upstairs.

Just because it isn’t a law in all states, doesn’t mean you should ride without a jacket or helmet. Just because it isn’t required to take the Basic Rider Course, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Just because there isn’t a law requiring people to take fresh water when they go sailing across the Atlantic, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

News flash: helmets. save. lives. Wear one before you lose yours in a situation that could have been prevented.

Take a look at the picture below. Why buy a helmet if you’re just going to leave it hanging on the side of your motorcycle? I don’t know if the guy on the far left is thinking that he will somehow be able to unhook his helmet, put it on, and strap it up in less than one second, but he is sorely mistaken.

If you are the type of person who needs statistics and facts, Click This

Do yourself a favor, and suit up before riding.




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East Lansing Banana Man

Just thought I’d treat ya’ll with this little gem from Halloween last year.  Enjoy

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