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Tiny Dancer Remix, Deadmau5

Tiny Dancer Remix by Deadmau5

In case you’re impatient, I’ll help you out just this one time, because you need to listen to this song; it’s techno genius.

It breaks twice at 1:02 and 2:05, then voice starts at 2:35.  There is also a picture of some girl’s ass with a color changing kiss on it on the youtube video, in case you’re interested in things like that.

Today I found out that it’s, “count the headlights on the highway,” not highlights.  I stand corrected.  I like highlights more, though.


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Dubstep Pt II – playlist

Crushcrushcrush remix

Skank Tank

Blinded By the Lights Remix

Under the Sheets Remix

Downloadable Songs courtesy of Mike Midds.  Chyeah.

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Dubstep- Starry Eyed & In For the Kill Remixes

Ever heard of dubstep?

It’s a product of the times and a descendant of London garage music in the 2000 that takes blends songs together and then adds a heavy, grungy bass overlay.  It’s techno gone bass-crazy, and if you’re a fan of new musical experiences, it’s one you can’t skip out on.

Dubstep is, in a word: grimy.   Give Starry Eyed Remix by jakwob a listen and you’ll see why I call it grimy at 1:03.  It gets nasty; and by nasty, I mean absolutely awesome.

But that’s not to say that all dubstep sounds like satan on the ones and twos and ripping demonic beats; In For the Kill Remix by Skream is an example that starts off slower, makes use of  high, almost mournful notes that call out and make you just stop and listen and ends with a hoppy beat to bring the dance party back.

Here’s a dubstep playlist I found on wordpress

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