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Insomnia Pt II

Sleepnessless continues on.  Ever have times when you look at the clock at 11:30 when you first crawl into bed, and then the next time you dare to take a glance at the clock, it’s 2:49 and instead of sleeping you’ve been thinking about how the hell you would get out of your apartment if somehow you woke up as a wolf?

Honestly, brain, why don’t you come equipped with an “off” switch, and why instead do you insist on switching into overdrive and going into imagination madness, right before I go to bed?! Thanks, brain, thanks a lot.

How will I fare tonight?  Tune in next time to find out the answer to this epic question.  Admit it.  You know you either want to or you also have nothing better to do.  That’s right, I called your bluff.


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Vlog #1

I made this last night before I rolled around in my bed until 3:30

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