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Warm Summer Nights. Delicious

After doing nothing for the entire day today, I decided that I would get up and actually do something with my day.

After securing a bicycle from Urbano, I set out into the warm, humid July evening.

Pedaling down Coolige, I turn into Huntington Woods and continue deeper into the city, smiling and waving at pedestrians.  There are quite a few couples of all ages out walking in tandem, living life in the present and enjoying each others’ company.

Riding down Ludlow, I look up, and for the first time in my ride, actually take in the beauty of the night.

Tree branches reach towards opposite sides of the road, coming together in the center to form an arch of arboreal welcome.  Rackham Golf Course stretches the length of the road to my left, full of rolling, neatly kempt green hills and spotted by the occasional circular sand trap.  Trees dot the expanse of the course, and I can see those closest to the fence swaying back and forth in the teasing summer zephyrs, waving like friends as I pass through a school hallway.

Peering through a break in the tree line, I can see blue sky and clouds tinged gold and pink.

I pump a few more times and lean back in my seat towards the left a little, putting weight on my right foot and listen to the spinning click of the bicycle chain.

The air around me holds a different quality than normal.  It’s almost as if there are thousands of gold bars buried just a few millimeters beneath the ground, their incandescent glow trickling up into the world above and generating a warm, golden ambiance.

Everything melts away and I am simply existing in the moment, not a thing on my mind, not a worry in sight, and not a destination in mind.  My nostrils are filled with the mild dusk air, my skin sings in the breeze, my ears are filled with the buzzing drone of Cicadas.  This is summer.  I can’t help but smile as I pedal lightly through the street.  I wish that I could stay in this moment forever.


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