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Twitter and Tumblr Web Apps

Have you ever wanted to see every tweet tweeted on Twitter in real time tweeted about Waiting for the Sun sunglasses?  Sign me up.  Maybe you’re more into something like Mashable, new music, hammocks, or whatever the hell floats your boat.

Twittefall will find it for you. It’s like a Golden Retriever for the Twittersphere. Just type in whatever keyword you want to see and Twitterfall finds posts that include that keyword and displays them on the page, one at a time, and queues the bunch until they have all streamed through.  Incoming tweets are queued as well.

You can sign in and get information on your Twitter account, add a geolocation, exclude certai keywords, search for lists or keywords, and you can even direct message, reply to, retweet, and all that jazz to each post/user.

All in all, it’s one cool page.

There’s also a cool Twitter Graph stats website that graphs out your Tweeting habits and patterns if you’re a visual representation geek.

For Tumblr, there’s a Tumblarity site that lists your posts, age, post history, popularity on Tumblr and stuff like that.

Again, cool stuff.  Enjoy


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THE best photo tumblr Blog I’ve seen so far.

And the award goes to… The World We Live In.

Take a look at this blog if you like amazing pictures; trust me, you won’t be disappointed

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